The Lucid Banter Project is the creation of Artistic Director Paula Ward, as an outlet for choreography less restricted by the considerations necessary when working with students.  Still in it’s infancy, the company is growing into their voice and style, exploring different genres and platforms for creativity.  The freedom to create work on professional-level dancers, with artistic exploration as the only guideline, allows the company to build a diverse repertoire while establishing a name and place in the Chicago dance scene.  The Lucid Banter Project has so far participated in Dance Chicago, Noumenon Dance Ensemble’s New Moves, an in-studio showing of works in progress at the Joel Hall Dance Center, and will be included in both the upcoming Inaside Choreographic Sponsorship Event and Delve Showcase. 


To provide early to mid-career professionals the opportunity to train in multiple dance forms as well as create and perform new dance works.  The company will work to explore the process of artistic expression from intention to presentation – educating adults in ballet and modern dance, applying the creative process to innovative ideas, producing performances in non-traditional settings as well as proscenium theaters, and utilizing multimedia tools to capture and expand the artistic vision. 




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