Unfortunately, making art is never free. Every project and work created by Lucid Banter Project has costs, no matter the scale of the finished product.  Your donation will go towards the following costs:

  • Dancers: Professional dancers have spent years of the lives and spend hours weekly dedicated to perfecting their dancing and their artistry.  They deserve to be paid for the time they spend learning, practicing and performing the choreography involved in any of our projects.  Each minute of performance equals hours of of rehearsal and preparation time to create, learn and polish.  We want to fairly compensate our artists for the work they do, and the majority of the donations received by the company go straight to our dancers.
  • Space: Creating dance requires physical space, which the company rents hourly from local studio Dovetail Studios..  Performance venues such as theaters have large up-front costs, and even non-traditional spaces frequently have usage fees.  These large payments are significantly eased by donations.
  • Costumes:  Costumes are a significant investment, whether they are pulled from the dancers' closets, purchased pre-sewn, or created from scratch. Donations help cover the costs of purchasing,  cleaning and storage between performances.
  • Additional artists and craftsmen: Whether a piece requires a set, specialty costumes, video or film, additional artists require payment.  These artists add to the experience for our audiences, and to the depth of the creative worlds we explore. 

Donations of any size are accepted, and are tax-deductible.  A receipt will be sent electronically for any donations received.